Getting you in front of your customers

Getting you in front of your customers

We’re a Nashville-based digital marketing agency that maximizes the effectiveness of online marketing to grow your business. We have the tools and knowledge — all under one roof — to simplify the process of marketing your brand to reach current and future customers. 

SB Digital Services

Local SEO

Local companies need local customers and this means strong Local SEO is imperative! SEO means “search engine optimization” and that’s exactly what we do: we make your business easier to find online so that you can have more customers. We’ll work with your business to outline opportunities tied to your organic online presence, identify where improvements can be made, the tactics required, and a prescribed roadmap for achieving success. And, we’ll explain it in a way that you’ll understand.


An effective way to promote brand awareness, these ads appear on websites, apps or social media in the form of banner display ads. Coupled with programmatic targeting, they efficiently deliver your message to a custom, precise audience. We leverage 70 different 3rd party data sources providing 100,000s of different ways to segment your target audience and deliver optimal campaign performance.


Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click are ways to drive leads at the bottom of the funnel conversions. Be in front of your targeted customers when they are actively searching for your products. As a Google Premier Partner, we pride ourselves in running campaigns adhering to Google’s Best Practices.

Geo-Fencing and DID

Advanced mapping technology allows you to target actual foot-traffic in specific locations by sending mobile advertising to anyone entering the area either in real time or with data from within the last year.

Device ID targeting reaches mobile device users who have been in target locations during customizable, specific timeframes.

IP Targeting

Our IP Targeting solution allows you to target your desired audience down to their individual address by leveraging data that is unique to your individual business. Use historic purchasing information, acquisition lists, new mover addresses, voter registration data, and more to create unique segments reaching your audience on demand.

Native Ads

Native ads are not easily recognized as an ad. They adopt the look and feel of a website’s content inviting the viewer to engage with them. Our network includes 1,000s of high-quality, recognizable publisher sites in many different verticals allowing you to run hyperlocal native advertising campaigns at scale.


Find your audience in the new television landscape of streaming video. We offer precise targeting of Pre-roll, Facebook Video, ConnectedTV, Full Episode Players and Youtube. Programmatic Video is the most scalable way of targeting an exact audience online.


Programmatic email marketing allows you to target consumers based on shopping interest, demographics, psychographics, purchasing history, location, interest, and more. 

Let's get together and talk about your business

SB Media has a mission to make digital media something all of our clients can understand and use to target current and future customers through our highly targeted digital media services and publishing platform, as well as customized packages.