Thank you so much for taking time Thursday afternoon to join us at our opening.

I thought you would like to know the results. Within two hours of your Instagram post, The Collected Nest had 40 new followers. The next morning at Gas Lamp, Too the first three phone calls they received after opening were questions about Pillow Marketplace after seeing your post. The first sale of the day was to a lady who saw the post and came in and purchased two pillows, sent me pictures of them in her home and allowed me to post the pics on Instagram. One pic, one post, great results.

Amy Gibbons, Owner

I booked two new clients today from an article you wrote about me a year ago.

StyleBlueprint has increased my email list with real customers.

Johnny Haffner

We partnered with StyleBlueprint to help with marketing our 36th Anniversary.

The results were amazing and we had our best anniversary yet. We love working with their team and were thrilled with the results and the additional business we gained.

Mary Kathryn Hudson (Yeiser)

This year StyleBlueprint gave us a last minute push for our special Valentine’s dinners.

It reminded some of our previous customers to place their order, and also brought in several orders from customers who had never been into our store. We are grateful for our long running relationship with the SB team, whose partnership has been instrumental to bringing us longtime loyal customers.

Jim Frith, Owner

We saw an immediate, sustained, and consistent uptick in business.

The Facebook Campaign has paid for itself and we are very happy with the outcome.

Clay Greenberg, Owner

Thanks for posting an image of my caramel cake.

I checked my Instagram account and picked up 50 followers in the last 24 hours. That must have been all you!

Leland Riggan, Owner

We love what we do because we make a living creating outdoor living spaces on paper where they didn’t exist in the landscape.

Success also requires an aesthetic sensibility and appreciation of how gnarly natural forms can work together to create things of beauty. I would say StyleBlueprint has that same combination–a real gritty sense of what it takes to get by in this world, coupled with a great–and totally original–sense of style. That’s why we like partnering with them.

Ben Page and Gavin Duke

Each time an item is featured on StyleBlueprint, customers come in looking for it.

StyleBlueprint featured our wall of blanket scarves, and we sold out of every scarf within two days. Then, we reordered for many more customers. I love StyleBlueprint because I identify with the message, and I see a significant return from my partnership.


Wendy Lytle

Just wanted to let you know that we have gotten so much interest from the recent style shoot for what to wear!!!!

Loved the layout and styling! SB pushed out an Instagram of a Gus Mayer outfit and we sold the top shortly thereafter!

Beth Franklin, Store Manager

We rarely advertise because luckily we have our core customers and we are on a highly trafficked street.

Still, whenever SB features something of ours, without fail that morning we will get a phone call or see a stream of customers that are interested in what was featured. I feel that SB is a good addition for us because of the customer base and demographics that it reaches. It is also an easy read that features cool info for people that want to be in the know— Like me!

Dora Sarris, co-owner

Thank you so much for running that article!

What a great opportunity for me to be featured on your website! I have gotten so much positive feedback. I am ever so grateful to you guys. The layout and photographs were really nice. You guys are top-notch.


Lauren Eirk, Owner

The key element that sold me on SILO working with StyleBlueprint is that it was presented as a “partnership” by their team and it has been a good one.

We saw a marked increase in sales the very first week we were mentioned.

Clay Greenburg

I just wanted to thank you all again for including me and APROPOS in the recent skin care article.

FYI, the article helped boost our FB activity by 200% last week for page visits and weekly reach!

Robin Haney

We can’t thank you enough for your efforts on our social media consultation, Megan.

You’ve been a real help, and we’re looking forward to incorporating much of this into our social media strategy going forward!


Jamie Elkington, Marketing Director

The women at StyleBlueprint have proven to their audience that they are authentic, savvy and classically stylish.

SB followers are so incredibly loyal. When a piece of merchandise from my shop gets mentioned, I get an immediate positive response. I am more than thankful for the continuous support from such a fabulous online publication and from such great women.

Whitney Dunn Daniel, Owner

We have already had a customer come in today after you guys ran the outdoor entertaining article!

It is always fantastic to see a direct link to sales. Thank you!

Courtney Cochran, Director of Design & Marketing

Thanks so much for your help promoting Goozy!

I understand the effectiveness of StyleBlueprint. Whole Foods was sold out of lentils after you posted the Lamb Lentil Stew recipe; no one needs more proof!


Our store is new to Birmingham, and every week, we have customers come in who mention they heard of us through StyleBlueprint.

StyleBlueprint carries a lot of validity with its reader.  It’s like having your best girlfriend give you a great tip on her favorite local find.

Elizabeth Adams, Owner

We saw the article & are thrilled to be part of it!

We love StyleBlueprint & always show a rise in awareness, numbers and sales after you give us a shout out.

Lee Ann Merrick, Owner

We really appreciate our partnership with StyleBlueprint.

It has allowed us to reach potential customers who were previously unfamiliar with Digs Home & Garden. 



Deb Woolfolk, Store Manager

Throughout almost 20 years of buying various advertising modes, Gep and I have found StyleBlueprint to be as contemporary, effective and affordable as any we have used!

Not to mention, they’re also friendly and supportive.

Gep & Katie Nelson, Owners

My team and I look forward to ‘StyleBlueprint day’, which is the day that they post about our company’s services and updates on their social media channels.

It always draws in new followers that are quick to engage.  Often times these new followers convert to quality clients as our target market is very much in line with the StyleBlueprint community.




Megan Larussa

We’re surprised how many new customers walk in and flash the product photos on their phone from StyleBlueprint!

One guy said, “my wife sent me for this”. Turns out it was St. Tropez Gradual Self Tan Lotion. And our super bling eyelash curlers were a big hit for birthday gifts when they were featured. Thanks for all that you do to help our business at Laurelwood. 


Mona Sappenfield

Just love being involved with StyleBlueprint and their clients.

My customers follow the blog and my design clients are nice to include me in their mentions and postings.


Chris Garner, Owner

We received a great response from our event email campaign!

It paid for itself times two.

Jan Puckett Morrison, Director of Sales and Marketing

Thank you so much for the article!

You all were so very kind!  I have not had time to reply to you today because of all the CUSTOMERS you have sent our way! We have been packed all day— people love StyleBlueprint. Thanks again.


Jennifer Mims, owner

StyleBlueprint is a very important part of my marketing because it works!

StyleBlueprint featured the Lika Behar pearl rings on your Feb. 11 email, and a woman came in that very week who had seen it and bought one.

Cindi Earl, Owner

As sponsors of the Wellness Weekend Giveaway, we were able to align our brand with exactly the customer we’re trying to reach.

We received 750 new customer email addresses, 450 viable customers for targeting and 51 new users from this sponsored giveaway.


Maggie Gann

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderfully written article about MEEL.

and how we differ from Blue Apron. It was an informative piece and I feel, captured the essence of what we are all about. We received 20 new orders yesterday, which is just incredible for one day.

Marti, Owner

We love partnering with StyleBlueprint!

They bring awareness to Deacon’s New South in an organic way and bring value to our brand. We are very strategic in who with and how we partner in advertising. StyleBlueprint is a perfect fit.

Sally Mink, Marketing

Anything that StyleBlueprint posts about our store sells out like crazy!!

Lisa McHugh, owner

We have loved using StyleBlueprint as a way to promote our events.

We enjoy the people we work with and their creativity to highlight our events such as ticket giveaways, monthly happenings, weekend round-ups and more. We have seen our social media grow exponentially and it is a great way to get the community to be in-the-know with events that Memphis Botanic Garden hosts!


Megan Cox, Marketing Manager

After spending over $40,000 in print ads and never seeing a return, I decided to become a premium sponsor with StyleBlueprint Louisville.

For the first time ever with advertising, I had an instant return on investment. From the beginning of our sponsorship, I have seen actual hard sales. With all of them, I heard, “I saw this on StyleBlueprint” or ” I read about you on StyleBlueprint.” Many have been personally referred by Heidi Potter as well. For my first venture into digital advertising, I could not have picked a better venue: StyleBlueprint Louisville.


Jordan Clines, Owner

SB has helped Commonwealth Tap to reach new potential customers as well as further our image and our message.

We are proud to call ourselves partners with StyleBlueprint!

Kenny Andreozzi, Managing Partner

Working with StyleBlueprint made all the difference when we introduced our Georgia-based company to the Nashville community.

They were able to connect readers and inform them of the latest finds at Onward Reserve such as our Five Pocket Stretch Pants and Fathers Day Gifts. StyleBlueprint took the time to photograph and personally vouch for each product, making customers want to come in and explore our store.

Sherry Patterson, Owner

Green Hills Grille

Green Hills Grille Take Out Pick Up

The SB Offer email that we did for our garden consultation to launch the grand opening of our nursery was by far the best form of advertising we have done in the last year.

Within the first 72 hours of it being sent out, we were already booked through the end of July. We are absolutely over the moon at how well this worked.


Anna Roch, Marketing Director

When StyleBlueprint did a story on ABLE, we saw a stronger response from their local audience than we did many national publications we were in.

We love a committed audience, and SB has developed that through strong storytelling and a commitment to quality communications with their base.

Barrett Ward, Owner

We are very pleased with our coverage in StyleBlueprint.

Several people have mentioned reading about us and understanding more about what we do. We’ve gotten ten new clients as a result, and these are recurring clients in the age group we wanted!

Diane Mulloy

This is the biggest in-store event we’ve ever had in Nashville.

I do more trunk shows than in-store events because typically it is hard to get people to turn out, but y’all got a crowd! Sales were at least double that day. It was a big bang for a small discount. Thank you again for everything! 



Suzy Scott

I’m very pleased with the ads you’ve posted.

It’s given a lot of traffic to my site!


Kendal Perry, Social Media Package

We love StyleBlueprint!

When we were in Luxe Loves a couple weeks ago, we had people come in right away and buy the benches featured. We went ahead and ordered some more and they sold as well! Every time we’re featured in an article like that we have people coming in and asking where the SB item is.

Merridian Home

Being a part of the Today in Nashville StyleBlueprint segment was super successful for us!

We had a couple people come in that day and ask about pieces they’d seen during the spring trends episode and got a few phone calls about the items as well.

Holly Williams